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How To Jump A Car

How To Jump A Car – Perhaps this is the most annoying thing, while rush – rush to leave or were in the parking lot arrived – arrived the car could not start because the car battery is exhausted, and it occurs without any symptoms that can be felt before. Maybe when leaving the car forgot to turn off the electrical system of the car such as the headlights, radio or unclosed door so the cabin lights continued to burn.


If it takes place in a long time, it can cause the batteries become exhausted, and the car will not be strong for distracter. Battery is exhausted can also occur because the car charging system is not functioning correctly, so that when the car runs electric power stored in the battery will be used up. When the car is already alive should the entire demand for electricity should be borne by the alternator and the battery when it is kept in full condition by the alternator, so it will always be ready when needed to perform starter.


Therefore avoid excessive electrical accessories installed on the car and exceeded the ability of the alternator to supply power when the car is already live. Other factors that could cause the battery becomes exhausted suddenly is improper care on a battery; such as never add water battery so as to make the cell – cell battery dry. Conditions head dirty or moldy battery can also cause the car cannot distracter, therefore do checks the battery properly. Well, there are the way How To Jump A Car such as:


  1. First turn on the donor car, then connect the jumper cable to the positive terminal of red battery, then connect the next black jumper cable to the negative battery terminal.
  2. Be careful while doing so, do not let the two heads jumper contact as this may cause a short circuit and the battery becomes damaged, then connect the jumper cables are colored red to the positive terminal of the car crashes and jumper cables are black to terminal negative.
  3. Then ask someone to step on the gas pedal cars that give help, and hold its Rpm over the number 2000. Turn the car ignition is breaking down to starting up the car can live, if the car is live stepped on the gas to raise the rpm to 2000 . Then disconnect the jumper cables from the two cars. Let the car live for some time (about 10-15 minutes) so that the alternator charging. After turning off the car and then turn it on again, if the car is to be turned on by normal means that the battery is fully charged back. However, if after turned off, the car is not strong back means it’s possible starter battery is correct – completely exhausted and no longer able to store electricity, immediately replace the battery in the spare parts store or subscription service station.
  4. By using the aid of charging. This tool can be used if the location of the car broke down there is a power source that can be used to turn the charger tool. Using the tool is pretty easy, plug the red wire to the positive terminal of the battery, plug the black cable to the negative terminal of the battery, if such there are a number of options 12 V or 24 V then choose one that suits the car battery. In this case, choose the number 12 V. Then use this tool charger into a power source and then revive the car.
  5. Encouraged to use the help of others If it turns out we do not have the tools – the tools mentioned above, may be the last step we can do is turn on the car driven by the way, but it only applies to cars – cars that use a manual transmission.


Be careful when the car is already alive keep not to die again, hold down the gas pedal at 2000 rpm to help the process of charging by the alternator. Well, that’s all How To Jump A Car that can be used when your car is jumping.

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